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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NDC Code?

The NDC, or National Drug Code, is a unique 10-digit, 3-segment number. It is a universal product identifier for human drugs in the United States. The code is present on all nonprescription (OTC) and prescription medication packages and inserts in the US..

How do I find my NDC Code?

If you were not sent a Class Member ID and you obtained your prescriptions from one of the following pharmacies: Albertson’s LLC; CVS Pharmacy, Inc.; ESI Mail Pharmacy Service, Inc.; Express Scripts Pharmacy, Inc.; OptumRx, Inc.; Rite Aid Corporation; Walgreen Co.; and/or Walmart Inc., you may contact the Class Administrator to check if the Class Administrator has sufficient information to check your eligibility.  If you did not obtain your prescription from one of the listed pharmacies, you may contact your pharmacy to obtain a list of the NDC codes associated with the valsartan containing medication you took.  A list of the NDC codes which are and are not eligible can be found here.

How do I determine what hypertension/blood pressure medication I was prescribed?

The name of your medication should be on your prescription bottle or container.  You can also look at your on-line health portal for your medical provider or contact your medical provider’s office to obtain this information.

I filled my blood pressure medicine at many different pharmacies. Only some or none are listed in the notices. Does that mean I’m not in the class?

You can still be in the class if you filled prescriptions at pharmacies not listed in the notice. The Class Representatives have asserted class claims against multiple levels of the chain of distribution—manufacturers, suppliers, and retail pharmacies. If you purchased contaminated valsartan at a pharmacy that is not a defendant in this case, it is possible the medicine was still manufactured or supplied by another defendant in the case. You may contact your Non-Defendant pharmacy to obtain the names of the blood pressure medications you filled there, and the NDC codes associated with those medications, to see if you are an eligible class member.  A list of the NDC codes which are and are not eligible can be found here.

Can I be in more than one Class or Subclass?

Yes, you can be a member of more than one Class or Subclass.

For example, if you both paid for and consumed sufficiently high amounts of the drugs at issue in the Lawsuit, you may be included in the Consumer Economic Class and Medical Monitoring Class. In addition, with respect to the Economic Loss Class, class members may be members of more than one Subclass. With respect to the Medical Monitoring Classes and Subclasses, residents of certain states are members of more than one Class or Subclass.

Are there exceptions to being a Class Member?

Yes. Excluded from some or all of the Consumer Economic Loss and Medical Monitoring Classes and Subclasses are the following: (a) Any judge or magistrate presiding over this action, and members of their families; (b) Defendants and affiliated entities, and their employees, officers, directors, and agents; (c) Defendants’ legal representatives, assigns, and successors; and (d) All class members who properly execute and file a timely request for exclusion from the Class and Lawsuit. Additional Defendant-specific exclusions may apply. Visit the Case Website or see Exhibits A and B for details.